How We Work

Making your ideas and logo's become a reality

Here we will discuss a brief overview of the process involved in getting your custom apparel or logo idea onto an actual T-Shirt, as well as answer some FAQ's on what screen printing is.

How We Work:

Step 1
Preparing the art
It all starts with an idea, and making that idea happen is our passion. Whether you are making shirts for an event, reunion, team, company, or even launching your own clothing line, we will start at the beginning to make sure the goal is reached.

First comes the design, which you want to be crisp and visible, which is what requires the first stage of planning.

  • Decide on a  T-shirt color and style you would like to use.
  • Decide on a color for your design or logo on the desired shirt.
  • We will finalize artwork and prepare for color separation for print.
Step 2
Color separating and making the film positives
After being loaded and cleaned up on the computer, next comes taking the design  and separating the colors from each other allowing the colors to be independent of one another. This is printed on a water-proof film positive up to 17 inches wide and 22 inches long. The films with the separated colors will then be ready to transfer to screens - which will require one screen for each color in your design.
Step 3
Making screens for the design
After the colors have been separated, now comes time for transferring the printed image on the water-proof film onto a emulsioned screen - which then gets exposed similar to a photograph, releasing UV rays to create the stencil on the screen where ink for your shirts will get printed through. Each color in your design will require one custom screen to be made for its color, or more depending on if an underbase is needed for the material you decide on.
Step 4
Printing The Shirts
After the screens have been made, then they will be set up in the screen printing press and registered for Silk Screen Printing. From here your design becomes more than just an idea, its now your logo, custom clothing line, and much, much more!
How it works

Watch the video below to see how we create your screen printed apparel.

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